A ‘Zlife’ Day

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Here’s a typical “Day In The Life”
The range of services we provide our ZLife Management Clients.

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  8:00 AM Create spreadsheet of all home renovation project expenses

  8:30 AM Search for California rental properties

  9:00 AM  Assist with new Board of Directors appointment. Obtain Bio’s/ Executive Summary’s of                       other Board members

  9:30 AM Cancel Lexus car insurance and get reimbursement for premium

10:00 AM Complete September’s Quickbook’s financials

10:30 AM  Set up mobile hotspot on iPhone 4S

11:00 AM Plan a “guys getaway” for 40th birthday to include golf, sport fishing and Texas Hold’ em
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Travel Accommodations
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11:30 AM Look for a new personal trainer

12:00 PM Order chocolate truffles for friends and clients

12:30 PM Call doctor’s office and renew prescriptions

1:00 PM Get liability insurance, Coggins shots and immunization records for 2 horses and arrange their                    transport to West Coast

1:30 PM Organize an event for Boys and Girls Club charity function
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Event Coordination
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2:00 PM Send property tax documents to CPA and file for homestead exemption

2:30 PM Get proposals from 3 vendors for a new irrigation system

3:00 PM Look for a vacation spot in the Caribbean for kids winter break

3:30 PM PM Call Frederic Fekkai in Los Angeles and book color appointment

4:00 PM PM Collect $20,000 loan

4:30 PM Compose copy and list rental property on various online rental sites

5:00 PM Review business plan and validate investment opportunity

5:30 PM Follow up with radio station about booking promotional appearance

6:00 PM Set up appraisal for West Coast property mortgage completion
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Property Management
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6:30 PM Ship chandelier to new residence

7:00 PM Show East Coast property to movie company interested in filming

7:30 PM Make dinner reservations at Bone’s Steakhouse in Atlanta for next month

8:00 PM Speak to lawyer about status of ongoing case

8:30 PM Get 2 All Access VIP passes to the New Orleans Jazzffest as well as airline and hotel                    reservations

9:00 PM Order case of wine from favorite winery

9:30 PM Met with caterers to create menu for upcoming dinner party

10:00 PM Search websites for artwork needed for upcoming marketing campaign

10:30 PM Order 2 boxes of cigars- Monte Cristo #2’s and Torpedo Cohiba’s

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